Welcome to Telegraph-Hill Audio.
I do resaurations of Audio Equipment since I was 7 years old. My wish was to start apprenticeship in a Radio-Shop. But as always it came different and I started a career with IBM Computer equipment. I did stay in the computer business for many years to come.  But now in 2013 as I'm here in Totnes / UK  I'm going back the time line and restoring and repairing all sorts of audio reproduction equipment. From Dansette Record players, Radiograms, Music boxes, Classic British Hifi Equipment  to more modern Hifi repairs.  Unfortunately (for my kitty) I do a little bit more than reqired to make just the job done. It's not a job for me, it is more like an obsession.

Old Music reproduction equipment was made at a time, where this was state of the Art Technology.  After Switching to the Digital Aera much of this knowlege seems to die out now. But at the end it is not the bits and bytes from a computer what reproduces the Music.  It's the heart and the sound of an ancient technologie.
Make it survive and give it to the next Generation.  

Nordmende Futura Radio 1969~Tandberg after restauration~Work on all Dual Idler Players~Revox 720 Pre Receiver ~Leak30 next Generation~Switch cleaning~Special Overhaul for a customer.~Yamaha~Tandberg converted to drive Electrostatic Speakers.~Pioneer 690 Receiver, a beauty~Sansui Receiver~Connecting Modern with Vintage~Dansette & Friends~BSR Motor~Good old Revox G36~Tandberg TD20a Reel To Reel~Hacker by night~Grundig Radiogram~Monarch in Dansette~