Welcome to Telegraph-Hill Audio.
I'm mending Audio Equipment since I was 7 years old. My wish was to start apprenticeship in a Radio-Shop. But as always it came different and I started a career with IBM Computer equipment. I did stay in the computer business for many years to come.  But now in 2015 as I'm here in Totnes / UK  I'm going back the time line and restoring and repairing all sorts of audio reproduction equipment. From Dansette Record players, Radiograms, Music boxes to more modern Hifi repairs. It is not a real full Time Job and more as a hobby at the moment, but it is so much fun to bring back live to Vintage and Antique Radio Equipment.

Nordmende Futura Radio 1969~Thorens TD115~Dual 939 Autoreverse Tape Deck~Dual RC System 1980~ITT3700 Receiver~Leak30 Conversion to Class T~Nikko Mini System converted to Class T~Revox 720 Pre Receiver ~Early Revox E36~Sony 7055 Receiver~Tandberg TR1010 Class D conversion~The Tandberg Stack~Tandberg 1010~sony 7025~Trio KR2120 with Bluetooth~Sansui Receiver~Realistic Turntable~Revox B77_VU Meter~Kirksaeter FM10 Tuner ~Tandberg 10XD (Dolby)~Sanyo Receiver~siemens_RS444 Receiver~Vintage AEG Reel to Reel~Vintage Grundig Reel To Reel~Vintage Grundig Reel To Reel~Austrian Hornyphone~Revox G36 ~Studio~